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1 - Kisses

Want to kiss someone special but you can't? Send a virtual kiss right now, this feels almost like a real one.

2 - Take Care

Wish your friends positive things like Take Care! Afterall, all we want is to them be fine!

3 - Thinking Of You

Can't take that special person out of your mind? Well, let that person know this, always open yourself to the people you care most.

4 - Weekend

It's time to celebrate! Let's send some real good messages of weekend, and then, of course... celebrate!

5 - Pakistan Independence Day

Select warm Pakistan Independence Day scraps and send it to your friends, family, acquaintances and dear ones. Reach out to your loved ones and make them part of your glorious Pakistan Independence Day celebration.

6 - Kiss Day

It's Kiss Day. Time for you to forget all tiffs and start it afresh with your sweetheart. Reach out and say how special he/ she is through our heartfelt e-wishes.

7 - Hello Kitty

The cuttest thing on earth, all your friends must love this, spread it!

8 - Keep In Touch

Never let someone you love to fade. Really, this is really important, friendships needs attention and careness, don't let them get away from your life.

9 - Tinkerbell

The most beautiful little fairy from the world. From peter pan cartoon to your scrapbooks directly! Spread her!

10 - Babies

The cuttest thing on earth! Celebrate the beggining of life by sendind baby scraps to your friends, they're going to love this! Never forget the days before they become Kids!

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