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1 - India Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day

It was on 15th August 1947, when India won freedom from the British Raj and thus was the beginning of a new era where India arose as a free nation. t was a day of fulfillment, it was the day of a new beginning, a birth of a nation.On the stroke of midnight, a country came into life again as the british hanoration:underline;">ded over the governance of India to the Indian leaoration:underline;">ders.

2 - Pakistan Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day

Select warm Pakistan Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day scraps and send it to your friends, family, acquaintances and oration:underline;">dear ones. Reach out to your loved ones and make them part of your glorious Pakistan Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day celebration.

3 - Anniversary

Happy Birthday to you my oration:underline;">dear! Many years of life! Is today the b-day of someone you know? Choose some real beautiful scrap and honor your friend! To wish happy birthdays over the Internet has now become more than special!

4 - Barbie

Who never had this simpatic little blonoration:underline;">de doll on the erly days of life? Bring that memory back by sending these nice barbies scraps to all your oration:underline;">dearest friends!

5 - Bratz

The Bratz dolls are mooration:underline;">dern-looking teenagers who you can ioration:underline;">dentify yourself to them. They are also really charmmy and cute, send Bratz scraps to all your friends, it's fun!

6 - Call Me

Are you waiting for a phone or cell call from that special friend? Well, what about making things a little fast by asking youself a call! This sweet reminoration:underline;">der always works, trust us!

7 - Emily Strange

This famous character is one of the favorites between many people around the world, Emily is oration:underline;">definitely the sweetest strangest girl!

8 - Encouragement

Want to inspire a friend who needs motivation? We know how difficult these situations are, and we oration:underline;">decioration:underline;">ded to put up some real cool scraps to encourage. Send it to your friends now, don't waste any time, you never know how good this message could be in this person life.

9 - Friends Forever

The only thing that will always last forever, your oration:underline;">dearest friends. Remember them how important they are.

10 - Fruit

Make your friends scrapbook more oration:underline;">delicious! We have everything, pineapples, apple, cherries, strawberries and etc!

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