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1 - style="text-decoration:underline;">My Melody

This little rabbit will win your heart! Send it to win everyones hearts, this is really cute!

2 - Anniversary

Happy Birthday to you style="text-decoration:underline;">my dear! Many years of life! Is today the b-day of someone you know? Choose some real beautiful scrap and honor your friend! To wish happy birthdays over the Internet has now become more than special!

3 - Bratz

The Bratz dolls are modern-looking teenagers who you can identify yourself to them. They are also really charmstyle="text-decoration:underline;">my and cute, send Bratz scraps to all your friends, it's fun!

4 - Saturday

Simply the best day of the weekend, we must celebrate it with some great style, it's time to send some saturday positive scraps!

5 - New Year

Happy new year style="text-decoration:underline;">my dear, it is time to face our fears and plan some changes to the near future! Wish everyone a happy new year! | orkut scraps | privacy policy
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