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1 - ine;">Friendship

This is something you should always look for, ine;">friendship. Never let a friend escape, remember them how special they are to you, never let them go!

2 - ine;">Friendship In Hindi

This is something you should always look for, ine;">friendship. We have now a Hindi section where you can keep in touch with your true friends in hindi! Never let them go!

3 - ine;">Friendship Week

A wonderful bond, an enchanting chemistry between people which feels like magic... It's nothing other than ine;">friendship. A friend is the one who turns all your glooms into happiness. Happy ine;">Friendship Week!

4 - Best Friends

Best friends are meant to last forever. ine;">Friendship is a special, you should always remember your friends how you love them. Spread the word, send these beautiful comments to all your best friends!

5 - Keep In Touch

Never let someone you love to fade. Really, this is really important, ine;">friendships needs attention and careness, don't let them get away from your life.

6 - Sorry In Hindi

Mujhe maaf kar do. Wanna say how much you're sorry to anyone? Do it by sending them some great cards, don't be afraid of saying how much you're sorry, this can save many relationships and ine;">friendships. | orkut scraps | privacy policy
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