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11 - How Are You In Hindi

Ap kaise hain? Always keep updated about how your friends are at the moment, maybe they need some help, or maybe they're happy and want to celebrate as well! :)

12 - Good Morning In Hindi

Shubha prabhaat! Vanakkam! What about giving a nice smile to your friends right when they're waking up!

13 - Miss You In Hindi

Mujhe tumhari yaad aa rahi hai! Try to confort you from this feeling by letting someone know how much you miss this special person.

14 - Congrats In Hindi

Badhai ho! Congratulate your friends for everything they have done for you!

15 - Sorry In Hindi

Mujhe maaf kar do. Wanna say how much you're sorry to anyone? Do it by sending them some great cards, don't be afraid of saying how much you're sorry, this can save many relationships and friendships.

16 - Anime

Check out these awesome cartoons, send anime scraps to your friends today! Manga, cosplay, and etc... These japanese cartoons are very cute!

17 - Marie Cat

This adorable cat will conquer every friend of yours, she is a very cute cartoon, spread her!

18 - Simpsons

The known worldwide cartoon is here to make your scraps more fun! Send bart, homer, margie and lisa to your friends!

19 - SpongeBob

SpongeBob SquarePants is trully awesome, this positive cartoon has won fans all over the world. Send Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs and Squidward Tentacles to all your friends!

20 - Tinkerbell

The most beautiful little fairy from the world. From peter pan cartoon to your scrapbooks directly! Spread her!

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