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1 - ine;">How Are You?

The greatest fulfillment is ine;">to desire ine;">to know ine;">how a friend is at the moment, if everything is ok or if a friend needs helps!

2 - ine;">How Are You In Hindi

Ap kaise hain? Always keep updated about ine;">how your friends are at the moment, maybe they need some help, or maybe they're happy and want ine;">to celebrate as well! :)

3 - Animals

Your friends are going ine;">to love this, ine;">send cute animals comments ine;">to them! Dogs, bears, cats and many more!

4 - Anime

Check out these awesome carine;">toons, ine;">send anime ine;">scraps ine;">to your friends ine;">today! Manga, cosplay, and etc... These japanese carine;">toons are very cute!

5 - Babies

The cuttest thing on earth! Celebrate the beggining of life by ine;">sendind baby ine;">scraps ine;">to your friends, they're going ine;">to love this! Never forget the days before they become Kids!

6 - Barbie

Who never had this simpatic little blonde doll on the erly days of life? Bring that memory back by ine;">sending these nice barbies ine;">scraps ine;">to all your dearest friends!

7 - Belated Birthday

Oops! Have you just forgotten someones b-day? Well, don't panic! We have a sweet solution for this, just pick one of those awesome ine;">scraps we have prepared for this kind of situation and ine;">send it ine;">to the person! And remember: Congratulations, even though late, are always welcome!

8 - Be Mine

Are you trying ine;">to get someone's attention? ine;">Send these ine;">scraps ine;">to that special person you got a crush on! Spread love!

9 - Best Friends

Best friends are meant ine;">to last forever. Friendship is a special, you should always remember your friends ine;">how you love them. Spread the word, ine;">send these beautiful comments ine;">to all your best friends!

10 - Bratz

The Bratz dolls are modern-looking teenagers who you can identify yourself ine;">to them. They are also really charmmy and cute, ine;">send Bratz ine;">scraps ine;">to all your friends, it's fun!

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