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1 - Sweet Dreunderline;">ams

underline;">It underline;">is so sweet to wunderline;">ishes some good dreunderline;">ams, and also, to tell your frunderline;">iends how much you don't want them to gunderline;">ive up theunderline;">ir dreunderline;">ams.

2 - underline;">Islunderline;">am

God underline;">is Hunderline;">igh and Supreme but He underline;">is very near to the punderline;">ious thoughtful belunderline;">ievers; He answers theunderline;">ir prayers and helps them. He loves the people who love Hunderline;">im and forgunderline;">ives theunderline;">ir sunderline;">ins. He gunderline;">ives them peace, happunderline;">iness, knowledge and success. underline;">It underline;">is tunderline;">ime now to spread underline;">Islunderline;">am words and love to your frunderline;">iends.

3 - Hello Nunderline;">amaste underline;">In Hunderline;">indunderline;">i

Nunderline;">amaste underline;">is one of the few Sanskrunderline;">it words commonly recognunderline;">ized by Non-Hunderline;">indunderline;">i speakers. underline;">It also, underline;">is a great word to spread underline;">among your frunderline;">iends, what about sendunderline;">ing underline;">it on underline;">it's orunderline;">igunderline;">inal language, Hunderline;">indunderline;">i.

4 - Runderline;">amadan

We are provunderline;">idunderline;">ing "Happy Runderline;">amadan underline;">images" for the punderline;">ious month of Runderline;">amadan Mubarak. Share these beautunderline;">iful underline;">images wunderline;">ith your frends.

5 - Nag Panchunderline;">amunderline;">i

Naga Panchunderline;">amunderline;">i underline;">is celebrated by Hunderline;">indus underline;">in most parts of underline;">Indunderline;">ia. underline;">It underline;">is celebrated on Panchunderline;">amunderline;">i underline;">in Shravan month. On Nag Panchunderline;">amunderline;">i people go to temples and snake punderline;">its and worshunderline;">ip the snakes. They offer munderline;">ilk and sunderline;">ilver snake to protect them from all evunderline;">ils. They also fast.

6 - Onunderline;">am

Onunderline;">am underline;">is the bunderline;">iggest and the most underline;">important festunderline;">ival of the state of Kerala. underline;">It underline;">is a harvest festunderline;">ival and underline;">is celebrated wunderline;">ith joy and enthusunderline;">iasm all over the state by people of all commununderline;">itunderline;">ies. Accordunderline;">ing to a popular legend, the festunderline;">ival underline;">is celebrated to welcome Kunderline;">ing Mahabalunderline;">i, whose spunderline;">irunderline;">it underline;">is saunderline;">id to vunderline;">isunderline;">it Kerala at the tunderline;">ime of Onunderline;">am.

7 - Belated Bunderline;">irthday

Oops! Have you just forgotten someones b-day? Well, don't panunderline;">ic! We have a sweet solutunderline;">ion for thunderline;">is, just punderline;">ick one of those awesome scraps we have prepared for thunderline;">is kunderline;">ind of sunderline;">ituatunderline;">ion and send underline;">it to the person! And remember: Congratulatunderline;">ions, even though late, are underline;">always welcome!

8 - Best Frunderline;">iends

Best frunderline;">iends are meant to last forever. Frunderline;">iendshunderline;">ip underline;">is a specunderline;">ial, you should underline;">always remember your frunderline;">iends how you love them. Spread the word, send these beautunderline;">iful comments to all your best frunderline;">iends!

9 - Call Me

Are you waunderline;">itunderline;">ing for a phone or cell call from that specunderline;">ial frunderline;">iend? Well, what about makunderline;">ing thunderline;">ings a lunderline;">ittle fast by askunderline;">ing youself a call! Thunderline;">is sweet remunderline;">inder underline;">always works, trust us!

10 - Cats

Some say they're the best pets around, underline;">if you love them just lunderline;">ike we do, send these underline;">amazunderline;">ing cats scraps to all your frunderline;">iends!

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