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1 - underline;">I underline;">Love You

Say how much you underline;">love a person runderline;">ight now, don't waste any more tunderline;">ime, let that person know how much you underline;">love her/hunderline;">im! Spread underline;">love.

2 - underline;">Love

underline;">Love underline;">is the most beautunderline;">iful feelunderline;">ing a human can have, spread thunderline;">is to all your true frunderline;">iends.

3 - underline;">Love underline;">In Hunderline;">indunderline;">i

The most beautunderline;">iful feelunderline;">ing of humans, now underline;">in hunderline;">indunderline;">i! Never hold thunderline;">is feelunderline;">ing to anyone underline;">in the world.

4 - Anunderline;">imals

Your frunderline;">iends are gounderline;">ing to underline;">love thunderline;">is, send cute anunderline;">imals comments to them! Dogs, bears, cats and many more!

5 - Babunderline;">ies

The cuttest thunderline;">ing on earth! Celebrate the beggunderline;">inunderline;">ing of lunderline;">ife by sendunderline;">ind baby scraps to your frunderline;">iends, they're gounderline;">ing to underline;">love thunderline;">is! Never forget the days before they become Kunderline;">ids!

6 - Be Munderline;">ine

Are you tryunderline;">ing to get someone's attentunderline;">ion? Send these scraps to that specunderline;">ial person you got a crush on! Spread underline;">love!

7 - Best Frunderline;">iends

Best frunderline;">iends are meant to last forever. Frunderline;">iendshunderline;">ip underline;">is a specunderline;">ial, you should always remember your frunderline;">iends how you underline;">love them. Spread the word, send these beautunderline;">iful comments to all your best frunderline;">iends!

8 - Butterflunderline;">ies

These underline;">inspunderline;">irunderline;">ing creatures are one of the most beautunderline;">iful thunderline;">ing you can funderline;">ind on earth! underline;">If you are a butterflunderline;">ie underline;">lover just lunderline;">ike us, spread underline;">it to your frunderline;">iends, they're gounderline;">int to underline;">love thunderline;">is!

9 - Care Bears

Gunderline;">ive a hug of the bear to your frunderline;">iends! These care lunderline;">ittle bears are so underline;">lovely, spread underline;">it to your bunderline;">iggest frunderline;">iends!

10 - Cats

Some say they're the best pets around, underline;">if you underline;">love them just lunderline;">ike we do, send these amazunderline;">ing cats scraps to all your frunderline;">iends!

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