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1 - Romance Day

Hey, it's Romance Day! Time for you all to reach out to your loved ones and pamper them with your love.

2 - Animals

Your friends are going to love this, send cute animals comments to them! Dogs, bears, cats and many more!

3 - Anime

Check out these awesome cartoons, send anime scraps to your friends today! Manga, cosplay, and etc... These japanese cartoons are very cute!

4 - Anniversary

Happy Birthday to you my dear! Many years of life! Is today the b-day of someone you know? Choose some real beautiful scrap and honor your friend! To wish happy birthdays over the Internet has now become more than special!

5 - Disney

The very best of the famous Disney World characters, just ready to be sent to your friends! Donald Duck, Mickey Minnie Mouse, Goofy, beauty and the beast, and many more!

6 - Emily Strange

This famous character is one of the favorites between many people around the world, Emily is definitely the sweetest strangest girl!

7 - Flowers

From roses to daisies, we have everything! These things are romantic by nature, literally! Send them to the most special friends you have.

8 - Hearts

The most romantic part of our body, hearts means love, if you're in love here is a place for you, spread love!

9 - Love

Love is the most beautiful feeling a human can have, spread this to all your true friends.

10 - Roses

The most romantic flower of the world, wanna give a special person a rose? Do it immediately here!

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