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61 - Teddy Bears

These teddy bears are living on the bed of almost every girl on planet, afterall, who does't like some hug of the bear? Send them, they're really cute and fun!

62 - Thinking Of You

Can't take that special person out of your mind? Well, let that person know this, always open yourself to the people you care most.

63 - Thursday

Some people think thursday is already part of the weekend, well, at least these people are more happier, don't you agree? Let's make this universal, spread it to your friends!

64 - Tuesday

Tuesday means the week has already started, right? Let's make some smile so the week can flow beautifully!

65 - Tweety

Tweety Pie is really cute and will make your friends scrapbooks shinny!

66 - Wedding

Every marriage should get some proper greetings. Pic some beautiful congratulations and send it to your dearest couple.

67 - Wednesday

We're right in the middle of the week, let's animate our friends with some real nice images, I bet they're going to love it!

68 - Christmas

It's christmas time! The best period of the year. Spread the Santa Claus words to everyone!

69 - Christmas Hitback

Christmas card by mail? We have something more special and easy! Send these beautiful christmas cards to the people you love most!

70 - Religious Christmas

Some people forget the real meaning behind Christmas, we have come up with a special category so you can spread the word of lord!



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