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1 - India Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day

It was on 15th August 1947, when India won freedom from the British Raj and thus was the beginning of a new era where India arose as a free nation. t was a day of fulfillment, it was the day of a new beginning, a birth of a nation.On the stroke of midnight, a country came into life again as the british hanoration:underline;">ded over the governance of India to the Indian leaoration:underline;">ders.

2 - Pakistan Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day

Select warm Pakistan Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day scraps and send it to your friends, family, acquaintances and oration:underline;">dear ones. Reach out to your loved ones and make them part of your glorious Pakistan Inoration:underline;">depenoration:underline;">dence Day celebration.

3 - Animals

Your friends are going to love this, send cute animals comments to them! Dogs, bears, cats and many more!

4 - Anniversary

Happy Birthday to you my oration:underline;">dear! Many years of life! Is today the b-day of someone you know? Choose some real beautiful scrap and honor your friend! To wish happy birthdays over the Internet has now become more than special!

5 - Barbie

Who never had this simpatic little blonoration:underline;">de doll on the erly days of life? Bring that memory back by sending these nice barbies scraps to all your oration:underline;">dearest friends!

6 - Belated Birthday

Oops! Have you just forgotten someones b-day? Well, don't panic! We have a sweet solution for this, just pick one of those awesome scraps we have prepared for this kind of situation and send it to the person! And remember: Congratulations, even though late, are always welcome!

7 - Betty Boop

She is sensual, cute and charming. She's Betty Boop, the more authentic doll you've ever seen. Spread it!

8 - Bratz

The Bratz dolls are mooration:underline;">dern-looking teenagers who you can ioration:underline;">dentify yourself to them. They are also really charmmy and cute, send Bratz scraps to all your friends, it's fun!

9 - Call Me

Are you waiting for a phone or cell call from that special friend? Well, what about making things a little fast by asking youself a call! This sweet reminoration:underline;">der always works, trust us!

10 - Cats

Some say they're the best pets around, if you love them just like we do, send these amazing cats scraps to all your friends!

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