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1 - I ine;">Love You

Say how much you ine;">love a person right now, don't waste any more time, let that person know how much you ine;">love her/him! Spread ine;">love.

2 - ine;">Love

ine;">Love is the most beautiful feeling a human can have, spread this to all your true friends.

3 - Friendship In Hindi

This is something you should always look for, friendship. We have now a Hindi section where you can keep in touch with your true friends in hindi! Never let them go!

4 - ine;">Love In Hindi

The most beautiful feeling of humans, now in hindi! Never hold this feeling to anyone in the world.

5 - Hello Namaste In Hindi

Namaste is one of the few Sanskrit words commonly recognized by Non-Hindi speakers. It also, is a great word to spread among your friends, what about sending it on it's original language, Hindi.

6 - Good Day In Hindi

Wish your friends a sweet day in Hindi! To wish your friends well is always a good thing.

7 - Good Evening In Hindi

Shubh sundhyaa! Wish your friends a good evening in Hindi. They're going to ine;">love this!

8 - Good Night In Hindi

Shabh raatri! Your friends need some good night so they can sleep tight, wish this to them in Hindi :)

9 - Thanks In Hindi

Dhanyavaad! Shukriyaa! Wanna say how much thankful you are to a person? Say it in Hindi. :)

10 - Welcome In Hindi

Swaagatam! Suswaagatam! Aayiye! Always welcome everyone anytime, what about do it now in Hindi? :)

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