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1 - I ine;">underline;">Love Yoine;">u

Say how mine;">uch yoine;">u ine;">underline;">love a person right now, don't waste any more time, let that person know how mine;">uch yoine;">u ine;">underline;">love her/him! Spread ine;">underline;">love.

2 - ine;">underline;">Love

ine;">underline;">Love is the most beaine;">utifine;">ul feeling a hine;">uman can have, spread this to all yoine;">ur trine;">ue friends.

3 - ine;">underline;">Love In Hindi

The most beaine;">utifine;">ul feeling of hine;">umans, now in hindi! Never hold this feeling to anyone in the world.

4 - Animals

Yoine;">ur friends are going to ine;">underline;">love this, send cine;">ute animals comments to them! Dogs, bears, cats and many more!

5 - Babies

The cine;">uttest thing on earth! Celebrate the beggining of life by sendind baby scraps to yoine;">ur friends, they're going to ine;">underline;">love this! Never forget the days before they become Kids!

6 - Be Mine

Are yoine;">u trying to get someone's attention? Send these scraps to that special person yoine;">u got a crine;">ush on! Spread ine;">underline;">love!

7 - Best Friends

Best friends are meant to last forever. Friendship is a special, yoine;">u shoine;">uld always remember yoine;">ur friends how yoine;">u ine;">underline;">love them. Spread the word, send these beaine;">utifine;">ul comments to all yoine;">ur best friends!

8 - Bine;">utterflies

These inspiring creatine;">ures are one of the most beaine;">utifine;">ul thing yoine;">u can find on earth! If yoine;">u are a bine;">utterflie ine;">underline;">lover jine;">ust like ine;">us, spread it to yoine;">ur friends, they're goint to ine;">underline;">love this!

9 - Care Bears

Give a hine;">ug of the bear to yoine;">ur friends! These care little bears are so ine;">underline;">lovely, spread it to yoine;">ur biggest friends!

10 - Cats

Some say they're the best pets aroine;">und, if yoine;">u ine;">underline;">love them jine;">ust like we do, send these amazing cats scraps to all yoine;">ur friends!

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