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11 - Keep In Touch

Never let someone you love to fade. Really, this is really important, friendships needs attention and careness, don't let them get away from your life.

12 - Marie Cat

This adorable cat will conquer every friend of yours, she is a very cute cartoon, spread her!

13 - Roses

The most romantic flower of the world, wanna give a special person a rose? Do it immediately here!

14 - Sorry

Sometimes we make mistakes, but don't worry, everyone does it. To recognize this, is a wonderful feeling, say how sorry you are to a friend you've let down. I'm sure things will be ok very soon, to apologise is a wonderful thing.

15 - Sweet Dreams

It is so sweet to wishes some good dreams, and also, to tell your friends how much you don't want them to give up their dreams.

16 - Teddy Bears

These teddy bears are living on the bed of almost every girl on planet, afterall, who does't like some hug of the bear? Send them, they're really cute and fun!

17 - Thursday

Some people think thursday is already part of the weekend, well, at least these people are more happier, don't you agree? Let's make this universal, spread it to your friends!

18 - Back To School

Don't be sad about the holidays being gone, it is time to rejoin your school friends! Choose the coolest pictures below and send to your friends, I bet it will make them smile!

19 - Hindu

Hinduism has always been an environmentally sensitive philosophy. No religion, perhaps, lays as much emphasis on environmental ethics as Hinduism. Hinduism exhibits a complete independence and freedom of the human mind, its full confidence in its own powers. Ishwar eik hai! Spread now the words of Hindu and apna khayal rakhna!

20 - Welcome In Hindi

Swaagatam! Suswaagatam! Aayiye! Always welcome everyone anytime, what about do it now in Hindi? :)

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