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1 - Encouragement

ine;">Want to inspire a friend who needs motivation? We know how difficult these situations are, and we decided to put up some real cool scraps to encourage. Send it to your friends now, don't waste any time, you never know how good this message could be in this person life.

2 - Fairies

These cute fairies will make your scraps more beautiful, spread to the world, they just ine;">want to fly among your friends!

3 - I Miss You

ine;">Want to get rid of that nostalgic pailful felling? We know a way to minimize this, say how much you miss a person, this means a lot for both of you!

4 - Kisses

ine;">Want to kiss someone special but you can't? Send a virtual kiss right now, this feels almost like a real one.

5 - Sweet Dreams

It is so sweet to wishes some good dreams, and also, to tell your friends how much you don't ine;">want them to give up their dreams.

6 - Take Care

Wish your friends positive things like Take Care! Afterall, all we ine;">want is to them be fine!

7 - How Are You In Hindi

Ap kaise hain? Always keep updated about how your friends are at the moment, maybe they need some help, or maybe they're happy and ine;">want to celebrate as well! :)


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